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That’s So Meta! – Introducing Bandit’s Metamorphoses

It was during one of his regular evenings out on the search for the perfect cocktail that our brewer Ben [...]

NZ Farmed & Dangerous: A Hint of the Tropics

As one of our Opening Day beers, our Farmed & Dangerous Saison has been one of the beers we’ve enjoyed [...]

Introducing: Lambicus Farmed & Dangerous

As we announced a few weeks back, our fall lineup promises the return of some old favourites, the introduction of [...]

Bandit Banter: Meet Brewer Stephane Dubois

As we continue to bring you closer to our brewing process and philosophy, we find that the best way to [...]

Introducing: The Bandit Sit-Down Series

In our first year, we've enjoyed doing the occasional private beer-focused event, like our Oyster Stout session back in December of [...]

Mem’ries of Bandit Oktoberfest 2017

1,400 pretzel buns, 400 sausages, 376 Steins. A week after the whirlwind weekend that was Bandit Oktoberfest 2017, we're finally [...]

Bandit Oktoberfest: A Very Hoppy Engagement

As our preparations for Bandit Oktoberfest 2017 began a few months back, we were faced with the question of how [...]

Bandit’s Top 5: Hops

It should come as no surprise the fact that hops reign supreme in the craft beer world. A member of [...]

A Sneak Peek of Bandit’s Fall 2017 Lineup

With days getting shorter and nights getting cooler, it’s clear that we’re heading towards an early end of summer. In [...]

Bandit Banter: Meet Brewer Ben Morris

As our beer list grows and evolves, we've noticed that our patrons are more interested in what our brewers have [...]